It’s 2013 and My [Note|Net|Ultra]book is Still Too Big

For years I’ve harboured a vision of a perfect mobile computing device.  It’s not a smartphone and it’s not a tablet, and while they’re heading the right way it’s not any of the present ultrabooks.  I don’t think it even has a name yet so I’m going to coin myself a whole new category. Ultrabook, […]

A Year Hosting on Rackspace Cloud

  tl;dr: If you only need single hosts Rackspace Cloud is good value but it lacks key features needed to build a serious infrastructure.  This may be because RS don’t want to cannibalize their dedicated server business. Biggest attraction is stable long-lived instances, worst irritation is the lack of a secure internal network.   For […]

Silencing the Flood of Recruiter Emails with a Domain List

I get a torrent of email from IT recruiters.  There’s the occasional gem; every once in a while someone really does want to get interesting work done on scalable web-facing UNIX platforms. But the rest is utter dross. “Your CV came up in our search” they bleat, “we have an excellent opportunity for you to […]