National Rail Enquiries Feed – Have You Applied for a License?

A lot of people are interested in the alleged “openness” of the Live Departure Boards data discussed in the earlier posts.  Right now we have no way to know how many license applications are being submitted and what kind of reception they’re meeting, and indeed whether any licenses are being granted at all.

Thus I’ve setup

If you’ve applied to National Rail Enquiries and want to be counted, let me know and I’ll add you to the list.

11 thoughts on “National Rail Enquiries Feed – Have You Applied for a License?

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  2. What is all of this frankly childish fuss about? Read the code correctly, write a proper application and pay the license fees. ATOC do not refuse licenses without good reason.

    1. The fuss (from an outsider’s perspective) is the blatant lies and consequent bullying.

      “I can confirm the National Rail Enquiries Website is for personal and non-commercial use only. Therefore, the suggestion made in your letter, to utilise the data to build an Android application is expressly prohibited. I’m sorry that we cannot be of any further assistance.”


      “There has always been a requirement for a licence to use this service. If you are using the service for anything at the moment can you please cease and we can enter into discussions over a licence.”

  3. Sorry my email address was wrong in the previous post. It is correct here.

    I think I’m in exactly the same boat. Have got to the mockup stage where I am looking for developers, but am struggling to get a licence for the API. I have had no response from the ATOC website and am getting more and more frustrated. I want to develop a paid-for multi-platform app that uses the LDB. Is there any more up-to-date news?

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